"When people come here they look in amazement that anything like this should still exist. This is the place of pilgrimage, the Holy Grail, The Golden Fleece, the Garden of Eden on Tap"

 James Crowden in 'Cider The Forgotten Miracle’


You are welcome to visit us at the farm everyday 9am to 5pm except Sunday. There is no need to book unless you would like a tour. To arrange a tour call beforehand on 01460 240782.

Depending on the season you may see us harvesting, making cider or distilling. There is also an orchard walk and among the 170 year old vats in the cider house there are drinks to sample. Guided tours can also be arranged. These take an hour and a half and you will be guided through the whole process from harvesting the apples to distilling and maturing the brandy. Tours take approximately an hour and a half and there is a fee of £5 per person.


The orchards

Visitors can follow our orchard trail. In May the trees are in blossom and in the autumn they are laden with apples. The walk takes about 30 minutes and you may need wellies.


The cider house shop

In the cider house there is cider and Somerset Cider Brandy to sample among the oak vats, barrels and presses – all the paraphernalia associated with 170 years of cider making.


Burrow Hill

Visitors are also encouraged to walk to the top of our hill and admire the incredible views of the Somerset Levels. On a good day you can see Glastonbury Tor in the distance.


Cider making

This starts at the end of September and goes on until Christmas during which time you will be able to see the yard piled high with apples.





The distillery

Visitors are welcome to view the copper stills. You may be lucky and see our two stills Josephine and Fifi working; They will be trickling out a steady stream of clear apple eau de vie to be locked away in oak casks for anything up to 20 years to mature into Somerset Cider Brandy. Distilling generally takes place from February to April.



The barrel bond

If you go on a tour of our farm you will end up in our barrel bond. It is here the barrels are locked away in order for the brandy to mature over the decades. You can also sample our Somerset Cider Brandy.

How to find us



The Somerset Cider Brandy Company
Pass Vale Farm
Burrow Hill
Kingsbury Episcopi
Somerset TA12 6BU

Tel:  +44 (0) 1460 240 782
Fax: +44 (0) 1460 249 220
Email: apples@ciderbrandy.co.uk