For thirty years Julian Temperley and The Somerset Cider Brandy Company have been reviving the ancient art of Cider Brandy production in the UK. In 1989 his pioneering spirit led to HM customs granting the UK’s first ever full cider-distilling license.

We bottle Somerset cider Brandy after maturing it in small oak barrels for 3, 5, 10, 15 or 20 years. Each bottle can be traced back to its source orchard. We also make award winning liqueurs including Somerset Kingston Black Aperitif and Somerset Pomona.



Somerset Cider Brandy History

The revival of the ancient art of cider distilling in the UK began in 1989 when The Somerset Cider Brandy became the UK’s first artisan distillery. The resulting Somerset Cider Brandy evokes  all the magic and mystery of the great orchard traditions of Somerset.   


Distillery and Barrel Bond

At the heart of our distillery are two copper stills, Josephine and Fifi. These ladies turn our cider in to 70% Eau De Vie. This is then trickled in to oak barrels to mature. After twenty years, we feel the Somerset Cider Brandy has reached its zenith, this is where we stop maturing.


A selection of cocktails using Somerset Cider Brandy products, created by some of the world's finest chefs and mixologists.

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Artist Collaborations

We've partnered with artists since the beginning and have a collection of Limited Addition bottles that are truly gallery worthy. Since our very first bottle in 1991 we have worked with artists associated with the West Country  to create special labels for our Somerset Cider Brandy.