For hundreds of years cider has been made at Burrow Hill. Every year the harvest starts when the first of our 40 varieties of apples start to fall. The art and the craft of cider making is blending these apples. At Burrow Hill this is the responsibility of cider makers Julian Temperley and Tim Stoddart who between them have 60 years of experience.

"Every bottle of our cider can be traced back to its orchard of origin. In the world of cider making, the terroir of the orchards around the farm is recognised as one of the country’s three unrivalled vintage areas"


Burrow Hill Sparkling Cider
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Burrow Hill draught cider is poured directly from the barrel and is flat and traditional. We also make a refreshing medium-dry lightly carbonated cider that is a blend of at least eleven varieties of vintage apples. It is moreish, complex and balanced.

New orchards of Perry pears are slowly maturing and we expect them to be fully productive in 40 years time. In the meantime the few pears we harvest make a dry and delicate perry.

At Burrow hill we also make two single variety bottle fermented ciders. This cider undergoes a secondary fermentation within the bottle in order to gain tiny bubbles. It then matured for two years in our cellars before the yeast is removed and it is ready to drink.  The Stoke Red Bottle Fermented won overall champion at the Somerset Cider Championships at the Mid-Somerset Agricultural Show in 2017.

Finally we make a very unusual cider by freezing a secret blend of apple juice and removing the ice. The remaining naturally concentrated juice is then fermented into Ice Cider in small oak barrels. This makes it 11.5% abv and gives it a unique flavour that combines the bitter-sweet and sharp qualities found in a traditional vintage apple.


"The man behind Burrow Hill also pioneered Somerset Cider Brandy. Over the past three decades Julian Temperley has done more than anyone else in Britain to develop classy drinks from homegrown apples"

Peter Bazalgette, The FT


Overall champion of the mid Somerset cider show 2017

Ice Cider

Ice Cider 50cl
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"'A genuinely innovative drink, a real find.'
'looks like Palo Cortado sherry, smells like Calvados, tastes like a cider pudding', 'brilliant tannins, layers of flavour with soft apple embrace'. 'Ice Cider is great on its own but should be on the shelf of every cocktail bar in London as a serious contribution to mixology'"

The FT Taste Test