'Ice Cider – a genuinely innovative drink, a real find.' ‘looks like Palo Cortado sherry, smells like Calvados, tastes like a cider pudding’ ‘brilliant tannins, layers of flavour with soft apple embrace.’ ‘Ice Cider is great on its own but should be on the shelf of every cocktail bar in London as a serious contribution to mixology’

FT Magazine


Orchard Mist
‘Somerset Pimms’

Slice some soft fruit (raspberries/strawberries) and add a generous glug of Kingston Black Aperitif in a tall glass. Add the same amount of our farm-pressed apple juice. Fill with top quality lemonade and a handful of ice. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint a slice of lemon.


Temperley Sour

Julian’s favourite. Fill a tall glass halfway with ice. Add 50cl 5 year brandy and the same amount of Bramley apple juice. Squeeze in the juice of half a lemon, garnish with lemon rind peel.


Somerset Mojito

Our Somerset take on a classic. Our Apple Eau de Vie, fresh mint finely chopped, crushed ice,  fresh lime juice, cane sugar, sliced lime and apple juice.


The Somerset Donkey

Fill a tall glass with ice. Pour in 60ml Somerset Cider Brandy and top up with ginger ale. Add a dash of Angostura bitters and stir. Garnish with a twist of lemon.


The Crabshell Cafe’s Sidecar

25 ml Somerset Cider Brandy, 15 ml orange peel infused vodka, tablespoon lemon juice, teaspoon orange juice, shake over ice, strain and twist orange peel, 3 drops of orange bitters.


Pharmacy’s Angel Face

Combines Somerset Cider Brandy, apricot brandy and gin.


Nick Strangeways
Temperley Mojito Tea

40ml Somerset Cider Brandy (Strangeway uses the three-year old), 40ml chilled peppermint tea, 40ml Burrow Hill apple juice, 20ml lime juice, 20ml Bramley apple syrup. Method: Stir on rock ice in a highball glass and top with soda. Garnish with a mint sprig and lime wedge.


The Ethicurean's Somerset Royale  (The Guardian)

40ml sweet vermouth, 25ml Somerset cider brandy, 12.5ml sloe gin, 12.5ml Kahlua.

Combine all the ingredients in a small jug or mixing glass, add ice and stir. Strain into two small chilled glasses, find a quiet room and sip.